Update your frameman Software…

If you already use frameman and need to use frameman on windows 7/8 &10 you will need to upgrade to frameman version 5.5

Remember, this is a one-off price! unlike my competitors who charge a fee annually!!

The only extra fee is if you would like an extra terminal licence and/or continuing support, which is a much lower annual fee.

frameman Version Upgrades are an important benefit of current Maintenance that protects your frameman software investment and are essential to continued security protection and optimal product performance.


  • Improved and expanded product functionality, compatibility and platform support.
  • Smart innovations including automation and simplified management.
  • Ongoing supportability.

Importance of Updating your version of frameman:

  • Important product updates that improve functionality and optimize product performance.
  • Version upgrades that deliver major security advances, cutting-edge features and technology innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

Update to frameman 5.5 Standard – £159 GBP

Requires a previous version of frameman

Update to frameman 5.5 Gallery – £199 GBP

Requires a previous version of frameman

Update to frameman 5.5 Professional – £259 GBP

Requires a previous version of frameman

Extra Terminal Licence…
Licence for an extra terminal – £100 GBP
Annual support – £200

Includes telephone support to help you set-up and advice on pricing, making a good profit, updating suppliers prices etc.

Standard post and Packing automatically added

You must be properly licensed with current Annual support in order to access Support benefits.

Contact frameman for more information