The excellent features packed into the “FrameMan” program:

Very easy to use, just point and click operation

Instant price calculations

Customer Database (Trade and Retail)

Discount facility (Trade and Retail)

Full Back-Order history

Instant calculations on screen

Add any extra item to the order (i.e. Prints, Cards etc.)

Mailing labels facility

Detailed printed reports on prices

Individual task check cost facility

Imperial or Metric

Personalised Order\Work forms

Most popular facility (Moulding and Item framed)

On screen time and date

Warnings for large sizes

VAT or Non-VAT (Tax or NoTax)

No restrictions on the number of entries

No restrictions on the number of Mouldings, Materials etc.

Full telephone support available

Supplier Database

Complete reference Manual

FREE Demo version available

Design frameman tasks to work the way you work!
Create and price bespoke frame designs
Quickly price complex and multiple designs of frames and mounts
Make changes easily and recalculate prices instantly
Add purchased art from the gallery to frame order
Put multiple orders on one invoice
Price a fabric wrapped liner, mount or moulding
Price stacked frames
Price gilding and your own finishes on plain mouldings
Include any retail items on the order, (Cards, Gifts, etc.)
Print mailing labels
Find an order or customer by multiple criteria, not just name and phone number

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