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frameman is a powerful picture frame pricing software tool that lets you price up picture frame orders quickly and easily. Plus keep your customer’s orders and details on record.

Developed by the GCF framer and artist Dave Woolass (A professional picture framer for over 35 years)

Windows 10 Compatible

Extremely cost effective! Version 5.5 now with easy moulding price update facility

You can make a profit on any material you use

Other frame shops lose money every day because the way they price by category instead of calculating retail prices based on a cost price.
frameman’s unique pricing formula is designed to ensure you make a profit on even the smallest item included in the frame job. This means you won’t lose on small jobs or be overpriced on the larger ones. You can price your framing consistently.

Your profitability is improved using frameman.

You can control your own way of pricing 

Most other framing businesses cannot customize and organize their pricing to suit the way they work.
frameman offers a pricing formula for whatever you want to sell: moulding by length, Bespoke frames any size, any material by size, glass by size, mirrors by size. Stacked frames, Multi aperture mounts, Mount fillets plus much more.
you can choose from a variety of custom Frame tasks and Mount Tasks or create your own for your way of working.

You can accurately price your moulding, mountboards, materials and sundries

A lot of framers are under-charging because they use out-of-date pricing charts.
frameman’s Annual Subscription service entitles you to updates of suppliers prices updates.

These include Simons, Larson Juhl, Nielsen and Bainbridge, Arqadia, Ashworth & Thompson, Frinton, Centrado and others.







“If you’re new to computer pricing”



You’ll find frameman very easy to learn and use. You don’t need to know complicated computer terms and operations to use frameman all operations are simple point and click

“If you’re an experienced Picture Framer”

You’ll find that frameman significantly reduces your time spent calculating prices while giving you more time to spend with your customer

With its very easy point and click operation, frameman can price even the most challenging framing projects. Multiple and special cut mounts, shadow boxes, stacked moulding and any number of mount and frame designs are possible.

“You name it, with frameman you can price it…”

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